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Whenever we turn to online casinos and casino promo codes  for entertainment, we can’t help but think of one thing – how to take advantage of our money. Back in history, when the online gambling industry was only beginning to compete on the global gambling market, it was clear that the great way to attract new customers was to offer them more money and what better way to do so than using casino bonus codes.

Casino Promo Codes

It was clear right from the start that this was a good move, because players just kept coming and coming. Initially, online casinos offered sign-up bonuses designed especially for new players, and later on came new and innovative casino bonus code types, including loyalty promotions.

If you’re new to the whole casino bonus code thing, and perhaps even wondering whether it’s a good idea to use bonuses when you play online casino games with real money, on this page you will be able to find everything you need to know in order to make an informed choice, including which bonuses are good for you and which are not. Please note that GBP is only used as an illustrative currency, while the whole list of available currencies can be found on the casino site(s) of your choice.


How to Find XL Casino Promo Codes?

You may wonder how to find the casino promo codes to unlock attractive bonus deals in this wide world of online gambling. If you have a preferred casino site, you will probably get some good offers from them as their loyal customer. However, if you’re new to online gambling and want to get all great deals out there, that’s a different story.

But before you start your search, ask yourself what is it that you want from online gambling and online casino bonuses in general. How much do you plan to spend and how much to wager? What do you plan to use as your deposit method? Is your ultimate goal to win and cashout? Or do you just want to play for as long as possible? What games would you like to play and on which device? Believe it or not, much depends on these answers, especially when it comes to the selection of the right bonus for you.

Namely, not every bonus is for everyone. For example, no deposit bonuses are perfect for newbies and lowrollers who want to play for as long as possible, deposit as little as possible and don’t have high hopes for big wins, as such casino bonus codes let them prolong their gameplay with no additional expenses. Reload and match bonuses are better for highrollers who prefer higher stakes.


Featured Casino Bonus Codes Offers

So, once we’ve seen what constitutes a casino bonus code, it’s time to explore what great bonus offers out there are. As mentioned before, very often the great offers can be found on casino review sites like ours, as they do not only do all the research for you, but also seek to close deals with casinos to offer you bonuses that tend to be even better than the ones offered by casinos. Sometimes, casinos that offer lower bonuses have more relaxed terms and conditions, which then allow you to enjoy the bonus more than you would some other offer that gives you more money, but with more stringent restrictions attached to it.

In line with our previous statement that different types of bonuses are better suited for different types of players, it’s worth noting that bonuses can be played universally, it’s just that certain types of players may benefit more from certain bonuses than others. In order to provide you with some useful examples of casino bonus codes, we composed a list of deposit bonuses that work pretty much for everyone and a few welcome spins bonuses, to spice things up for new players.

As you can see, some of the casinos separate highroller bonuses that require higher deposits, while others don’t. Either way, it’s easy to conclude which one’s adequate for your gambling style just by taking a look at the minimum deposit requirements. Of course, this does not mean that you should forget all about the bonus terms and conditions – on the contrary, reading casinos’ general and bonus terms and conditions should become a habit, as it can save you a lot of time, money and patience later on, when you finish your gameplay.

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What Kind of Bonuses Can You Unlock?

There is a lot to think about when it comes to casino promo codes. The first thing that will probably perplex many players is a huge amount of different types of bonuses. It’s worth mentioning that they do not only differ in type, but also in the way they are awarded; a smaller number will automatically be available to claim, or has to be claimed via email or live chat with casino representatives. But the featured offers, true XL bonuses can be unlocked with casino bonus codes that you need to enter in a specific field in the casino cashier. With all these differences, you may wonder if they have anything in common; the answer is – yes: they all give you extra money, each bonus offer can be used only once, and all of them come with their own terms and conditions. Casino bonus T&Cs will be discussed later on, while this section attempts to explain all the bonus types you can find out there, as simply and honestly as possible.

Welcome Bonus

Also known as a sign-up bonus, welcome bonus is one of the main attractions for every casino’s new players. It sometimes includes no deposit bonuses, but it is more frequently composed of one or more deposit bonuses (aka match bonuses, because they match your deposit to a certain percentage). Sometimes a welcome bonus involves a combination of different casino promo codes, such as those for the first deposit bonus, the second deposit bonus, welcome spins and a VIP bonus. It’s not uncommon to see casinos advertise that they’re offering you thousands in extra money, if you take the advantage out of their welcome bonus offer. It’s hard to say that these promotions are really rightfully so popular, and here’s why: they usually have quite steep terms and conditions, as well as a lot of restrictions. That’s why the saying “less is more” is sometimes quite applicable to these welcome offers, even though they may seem extremely attractive at first sight.

No Deposit Bonus

Probably the convenient promotion in every casino is a no deposit bonus (aka an extra chip), which many consider to be bonus money. On paper, it is. A casino offers you, let’s say, 10GBP extr (no deposit bonuses are rarely higher than 20GBP, and exceed 50GBP only when they are offered to highrollers), without requiring you to make a deposit, just to come in and give their games a shot. It’s a great way to see how the casino works and what its games have to offer you without risking any of your own money. No deposit bonuses may require you to use a special casino bonus code, or automatically awarded to your cashier where you can claim them. Sometimes you will need to get in touch with customer support.

This kind of an offer usually comes with stricter terms and conditions than other types of bonuses. If you want to cash out a no deposit bonus, be aware that these promotions commonly allow you to withdraw only limited amounts of money and even this only after you’ve made a deposit into your casino account.

Usually, all you need to do in order to get a no deposit bonus is register an account with the casino that offers it, and enjoy it within a few simple steps. Just don’t be disappointed if the size of a no deposit bonus is significantly lower than that of other types of bonuses – after all, it’s there just to give you a taste of the action, not satisfy your hunger for play.


Welcome Spins

Welcome spins bonuses and the welcome spins you can hit as a special feature in a slot should not be confused, as they are not the same. As a bonus offer, welcome spins are awarded in order to promote a particular slot for the players to try out. More often than not these casino promotions are linked to a slot machine that’s just been launched. Let’s go over some of the pros and cons of a typical welcome spins bonus:





Welcome Play & Welcome Bets

Card game and betting fans deserve to have casino bonus codes tailored specifically for them – that’s why many online casinos, poker sites and betting exchanges have special offers which include special play and welcome bet bonuses. Contradictory to their name, the special play bonuses on poker sites sometimes require a deposit. After you make one, you get a special play bonus to enjoy your game of choice. In casinos, they usually don’t require a deposit to play, but have a time limit and a deposit is normally needed in order to withdraw any money.

Welcome bets awarded by betting exchanges are more like an incentive when players deposit and place their bets. Extra bets can also come in the form of an amount placed into your account that has been reserved for making bets on your favourite sports.In a casino, extra bets work more like welcome spins for slots – only for casino games that have bets, such as card games.


100% Bonus

Commonly offered casino bonus code is for a deposit match bonus. It’s also called bonus on deposit because it requires you to make a deposit. When you claim it, using a promo code, the casino “matches” your deposit with a certain percentage. Match bonuses range between 50% and 300%, although higher offers can be found, but not that often. They are usually a part of casinos’ welcome bonus offers and regular (weekly, monthly) offers. The percentage stated is the amount which will be added to your deposit. Often you will meet a simple but effective 100% bonus – which actually means that the casino will double whatever amount you deposit into your account (up to a certain limit, that is). For example, if the bonus is 100% and you deposit 100GBP, you will get a 100GBP bonus and dispose with 200 GBP in total.


Mobile App Bonus Codes

There are also promotions that are available if you visit the casino from your mobile device. Usually, these work with a standard casino bonus code that unlocks the welcome bonus, but, there are examples of casinos offering different promo codes for mobile and desktop offers.


How does a typical casino app work?There are casinos out there that have a dedicated app, available for download from iTunes, Google Play Store (Android Market) or directly from their site. Some have even developed a dedicated app for slots, and another one for card games or bingo. Others have decided to take on a different path, and create a mobile friendly version of their site that will load automatically when accessed from a smartphone or tablet. This approach doesn’t require you to download or install any software, and you can visit the page and play casino games online only using your mobile browser.

Installing the app takes only minutes, and will usually guarantee a larger selection of games to choose from. On the other hand you cannot beat the simplicity of accessing the site directly through your mobile browser – any time, and from any place. So, which solution is better? The answer is simple – the one that will give you a bigger bonus.


Reload Bonus

Functioning similarly to match bonuses, reload bonuses are offered to players after they make their first deposit. We can say that these promotions represent a way to thank players for becoming paying customers at a casino, thus offering them to get a part (in the amount of the awarded percentage) of their initial deposit back and play more. Reload bonuses are sometimes offered with welcome bonus package deals, and they are often included in VIP special offers, which means that they exist as regular offers, not one-time promotions.


Cashback Bonus

When you’re on a lucky strike, online casino play seems like a bed of roses. But when things start going downhill, they stop looking so bright. In order to fix this and make you feel like a winner again, a new kind of a bonus offer was invented – cashback bonuses, which give you back a part of your losses. Basically, you will get a money-back guarantee on a few bets, or a partial refund of a larger deposit.They are usually not as generous as welcome bonuses. Expressed in percentage, these offer smaller amounts, such as 15 to 50%. Nevertheless, getting any money back is a quite a treat – especially if you are a highroller.


Refer-a-friend Bonus

One way to accentuate the social aspect of online gambling is through refer-a-friend bonuses. These offers are valid for existing players who decide to refer their friend to become a new player, which results in benefits for both of them. The existing customer gets an incentive in shape of special casino promo codes, welcome spins, etc., while the new player can benefit from the casino’s welcome bonus pack. An easy way for the casino to gain new customers and keep their players happy and entertained.


Comp Points

Once you become their depositing customer, casinos are going to do everything in their power to keep you entertained. What better way to do so than offer you loyalty perks, something to collect every time you spend money there. Therefore, nowadays every casino out there offers comp points that you collect as you play and that you can later turn into cash. Depending on the comp points program, the games you choose to play in the casino count toward different numbers of comp points, and the comps-to-cash exchange rates vary depending on your current VIP tier.

VIP Clubs

Another loyalty promotion comes in shape of casinos’ VIP clubs. They are usually tiered and you earn entrance into the clubs with your first deposit. Climbing up the ladder and moving to higher tiers occurs as you play – the more you deposit and spend at the casino, the higher your VIP level. Of course, each level has its own benefits that get better and better with each tier, and may include special offers (such as special casino bonus codes and occasional no deposit bonuses), better comp points rate, and even a dedicated Account Manager.


Special Bonuses

There are numerous online casino review sites that provide their readers with unbiased opinion about online gambling venues and their offerings. However, that is not all they offer – very often such websites contain special bonus codes for players who pay a visit to their website, and those offers may be even higher than on the casino site. Special bonuses are one way to distinguish a good casino review site from others, as they indicate that the website has its visitors in mind when it strives to close better deals with casinos.


Bonus Terms & Conditions

It’s impossible for casinos to offer extra money without any terms and conditions. At their beginnings, casino bonus codes used to be higher and their T&Cs much more relaxed, which resulted in many abuses and the creation of so-called bonus hunting. That is what led to much steeper requirements that we have these days, which many argue are too strict and occasionally even unfair.
So, what can we expect from bonus terms and conditions? Above all, we can expect limitations, and that is the main reason why they should always be read before you decide to claim a casino bonus code. The following are the common restrictions and limitations you can find in online casino bonus T&Cs.

Wagering Requirements Explained

The aforementioned limitations include a number of things, the notorious of which are wagering requirements, also known as playthrough requirements. Namely, if you want to cash out after playing with bonus money, you need to play a certain, minimum amount of money. With good and fair casino bonuses, wagering requirements will refer only to the amount of the claimed casino bonus code. The greedier among casinos will set their bonus wagering requirements to refer to bonus + deposit. In practice, it would look like this: you deposited 50GBP and claimed a 100% bonus which means you have 100GBP to play with (50GBP deposit and 50GBP bonus). The wagering requirement refers only to the bonus and amounts to 20x, which means that you need to play 1000GBP before you can cash out. If it referred to the bonus + the deposit, you’d have to play through 2000GBP before you are allowed to cash out.


How to Beat the Wagering Requirements?

There are a few tricks to pay attention to: not every game necessarily counts the same toward wagering requirements. Choosing what games you would play with your bonus money is crucial. For example, casinos count slots 100% toward wagering requirements, while some other games, such as blackjack, roulette and video poker may account for as little as 5%, if at all. Therefore, if you decide to play blackjack with 100GBP of bonus money, and it counts 10% toward a 20x wagering requirement, you’ll have to play 20,000GBP before you can cash out. In addition, casinos reserve the right to ban certain games from their promotions, so you may find that roulette, for example, counts 0% toward wagering requirements.

Differences can be noted between wagering requirements for no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses, too – the latter usually have lower wagering requirements, while no deposit bonuses and welcome spins may have to be played up to 100x bet + deposit.


Sticky Bonus

Even if you manage to play with casino promo codes for long enough to earn your cashout, you still may not be able to pull it through. Why? Because of another potential condition that players really hate – sticky bonus. Sticky bonuses (aka non-cashable bonuses) are those that you cannot withdraw even if you fulfil wagering requirements. This means that if you are left with a 100GBP after playthrough, and the initial casino bonus code amount was 50GBP, you will be able to withdraw only 50GBP. Sticky bonuses are another reason why you should absolutely dedicate a few minutes of your time and thoroughly read bonus T&Cs, because those couple of minutes may save you a lot of nerves later on.


Territory Restrictions

The story about the limitations imposed on casino bonus codes does not end there. It may not sound fair, but due to the licensing and legal reason online casinos decided to make their bonus offers invalid for players coming from countries. Therefore, if a casino proclaims, for example, players from a certain country ineligible to use their bonuses, and you as a resident of this state decide to claim one nevertheless, the casino will be entitled to forfeit all the winnings you gained using the said bonus.


Minimum Deposit Rules

Also, casinos tend to impose restrictions regarding your minimum deposit in order to claim a casino bonus code, as well as the maximum individual bet (wager) allowed to place when using bonus money. Minimum deposit varies from one venue to another and in some cases ranges from 5GBP to 20GBP. The casinos that impose the maximum individual bet with bonus money tend to limit you in other ways, too. For example, if you’ve won big on Blackjack which accounts for only 10% toward wagering requirements, and want to move to slots that account for 100%, your bonus and winnings may be voided because casinos will think that you are moving to slots just to fulfil wagering requirements faster. For easier overview, Great Casino Finder allows you to filter your search for a perfect casino bonus code by setting a minimum deposit amount you feel comfortable with. Just use the slider to select your desired amount


Casino Maximum Withdrawal Rules

Whenever you want to use casino bonus codes, try to find information how much money you can withdraw after using one. Yep, there are limitations on that, too, especially when it comes to no deposit bonuses and welcome spins, As mentioned in the no deposit bonus section, apart from stricter wagering requirements, they usually let you withdraw only smaller amounts of just 20GBP to 100GBP, or up to 10x the bonus amount.


Find the Right Bonus Code for You

Now that you know so much about casino bonuses, you need a good online casino review sites enable you to easily browse through online casino bonuses and pick the right one with just a few clicks. If you take a look at Great Casino Finder, you will see that you are able to filter online casinos and their offers in line with what you desire. Maybe the obvious place to start is choosing the games you’d like to play.

There is a variety of casino games you can play online for real money, the popular of which are:


Bingo and slots are usually play with bonus money, as they frequently count 100% toward bonus wagering requirements. After picking your preferred game(s), you can use a slider to pick the bonus size that you aim for.


What is a PayPal Bonus?

Some payment methods (such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, etc.) will also influence the way you receive your bonuses. Why? Because some casinos set special T&Cs for certain deposit methods, so if you decide not to use your credit card, you may find yourself prevented from getting a bonus. Or, in some casinos, using one method for your deposits will guarantee you a dedicated bonus. You will see casinos give out PayPal bonuses, or similar offers.

In addition, sometimes using a certain payment method to add money to your account means you have to use it as a withdrawal method, too. Also, not all banking methods take the same amount of time to process. This is another reason why bonus T&Cs have to be read thoroughly and entirely, and your financial decisions made carefully.


Playing Online for Real Money

If playing casino games is your idea of fun, online gambling will offer you the convenience of playing your favourite casino games from the comfort of your own home… or an airport… or a park… or a local cafe. Therefore, their availability represents a significant advantage over land-based casinos.

Another advantage, whether we want to admit it or not, lies in online casino bonuses. Namely, when you take a casino bonus code online, you can pretty much be sure that it’s higher than any comps you might get in a land casino. This is due to the fact that online casinos have fewer expenses than their terrestrial counterparts.


In addition to this, in online casinos you can play such a massive variety of games, often by several different suppliers, that you won’t even think about going to a land casino, except when you feel like you could use some of its vibrant atmosphere. You can also use a whole range of payment options, and even play for fun to try out the games before depositing.
The only thing that’s very important to do before you start playing in an online casino is look into the casino’s reputation, see if it’s licensed by a trustworthy licensing body, whether it has all fairness and security measures in place, and study its terms and conditions in order to know what to expect from it.

The research part is significantly facilitated by online casino reviews provided by specialised websites, which will be discussed in the following section.


Rating Internet Casinos

Casino rating may be one important thing to pay attention to when making a decision about putting your trust in it. And this is why Great Casino Finder included this feature into its casino filters, as it may be of crucial importance for making the right choice. Finally, there’s also a filter for other things, which are not necessarily of lesser importance, but rather represent aspects that less attention may be dedicated to in the first place.

While this simplified procedure of search for the right casino site and casino bonus codes does make things a lot easier, there’s one other thing that many people forget and that may have a great impact on players – the casino’s mobile offering. Namely, what you see in an online casino is not necessarily available in its mobile version. This particularly refers to deposit/withdrawal methods and games inventory, so keep an eye on all the available options if you are going to gamble in a casino on your mobile device. As for bonuses, they are usually the same in mobile casinos as in their desktop versions, so you don’t have to worry about differences in that aspect. When it comes to claiming a casino bonus code in mobile casinos, it’s just like in desktop casinos, and many of them are awarded automatically.


Online Casino Reviews

Before you head to an online casino for some quality gambling action, you have to do due diligence and investigate which venues will suit your needs. To help you do this, sites like Great Casino Finder collect relevant information about online casinos and their promotions and present them to you in digest size. So, what should a good review contain? What makes a good review site good?

Objectivity – First of all, every review site needs to be as unbiased as possible. Objectivity plays a crucial role in such a website’s credibility, so if you see that all reviews look a bit too rosy, it probably means that they have been paid for. On the other hand, if you see that a website presents casinos realistically, including their flaws into its reviews, you will know that it’s trustworthy.

Detailed reviews – As for reviews themselves, they really need to go into detail in order to be called a relevant source of information. Apart from the visual impressions of a casino, they need to cover its game offering in detail (discuss not only the range of casino games, but also the casino’s variety of live games and mobile games), as well as all of its promotions (together with any applicable bonus codes), along with all particular terms and conditions that apply to them.

In addition, it is essential for casino reviews to show players why they should or should not play in that particular casino – therefore, they need to contain positive and/or negative examples of the casino’s conduct, along with all the financial and security details of its offering, such as banking options, experiences with withdrawals (which is of great interest for all players), any limitations in that respect (minimum and maximum deposits/withdrawals), but also licensing, encryption, and regulatory specifics.
Finally, details such as certain countries’ ineligibility to play in the casino, languages, currencies, the existence of mobile casino offering (and for which devices), all need to be included in a review in order to make it as helpful for players as possible.

Special – As a nice bonus to all this, it’s good when a review site manages to close a deal with the reputable casinos it reviews to offer its visitors special bonuses, which may even exceed regular promotions offered by the same casinos. Special offers commonly include either extra chips or hefty deposit bonuses, and they are a good way to attract players to read a couple words of a review and find out a lot of useful things that may turn out to be of great help during their playing experience at the casino.
All this requires a lot of effort and in-depth research, which explains why casino review websites are so popular among players – they can save you a lot of time, money and effort, not to mention that they can save you from making a very bad choice, and as a plus – they offer XL casino bonus codes, designed especially for you.



Playing in online casinos may seem a bit intimidating when you are new to the whole thing, but it’s really not that difficult to get used to their convenience. You do need to be informed about certain things before you start playing, though. And as the main attraction of online casinos are their occasionally huge bonuses, they are precisely the thing you need to know about before you decide to play with any of them.

Their enormous range and sometimes very strict and extensive terms and conditions, as well as wagering requirements may deter you a bit from using bonuses in general, but there’s no reason for that. On this page you should be able to find everything you may want to know about casino promo codes, how they work, where they can be found and how to be used.

Great Casino Finder can help you find the right casino with the right bonus for you – and it’s all just a few clicks and a couple of slides away. Sites like this may help you find everything you need to know about online casinos in general, too, and save you quite some time that you can spend on quality gambling instead of dull research. So don’t think twice and take a good look at what interests you in order to be able to make an informed selection of the casino you want play in and the bonus you’d like to use.